Yes, we believe it’s obvious we spend an extra webpage on our people. Not for their professional skills, which they obviously have, but also on their soft skills. We are human focused company. We value everyone’s input and have regular sync moments to make sure we know what’s going on. People do not address each other with function titles but with their names (or nicknames 😊 )

It’s difficult to describe a company culture. Actually you should experience it. But we give it a try:

OB-V-US is people centered company.
We focus both on the team and individual. We are a family office with respect for the wellbeing of our people. The founders like to “work hard, play hard” People are motivated to come up with ideas that foster the company spirit. No idea is too silly. We make it happen and almost anything is possible

We also put a lot of effort in sharing knowledge and experiences. Every Friday we welcome our team in our offices to exchange experiences.



OB-V-US is a leading consultancy firm for Microsoft Infrastructure and Cloud solutions and a Microsoft Certified Partner. OB-V-US has experienced and passionate people working for onboarding customers to the modern workplace.

We hire people who, like us, are passionate about cloud, identity and security technologies and go the extra mile to make the difference for our customers.

We are proud that our employees and partners are recognized for their contributions, and have the opportunities for both professional and personal growth in the areas of their expertise and interest.

We are constantly looking for motivated consultants to join our team.

Apply spontaneously

These functions are currently open but we also encourage spontaneous applications:

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