So who’s obvus?

OB-V-US was founded back in 2015 with only one thought in mind: Becoming leading experts in the field of Enterprise workplace, cloud management and security.

We stay current with the new trends in the different fields of the market to give our customers all the options they need to further enhance their environment.

At this point we decided to bundle our forces to even better help our existing and future customers. Our experts combine many years of experience working at mid-size to large customers.

As a single vendor Microsoft only partner we help customers with implementing projects and deliver support where needed.

Our transparent no-nonsense approach with clear offerings and communication is well known and appreciated by our customers.

Our experts are involved from the very beginning of the projects giving our customers the possibility to talk directly in options instead of questions.

Think we can help you?
Drop us a line so we can see what we can do for you because for us… it’s “ob-v-us” to help you.

About us

We spend a lot of time at our offices.

That’s why we believe in an inspiring place as a part of our company culture. The
Ob-v-us office is a second home. A place where the door is open for our clients.
Where we can interact and welcome our team members.

Among the features of our offices you encounter:

-a pool table
-a whisky bar
-gym facilities
-a garden with a jacuzzi
-nice offices with excellent coffee

about office

Life ain’t easy.
IT should be obvious.

At Ob-v-us we strongly believe IT should become a commodity. We deliver high end IT services and solutions that will guarantee your business continuity with a strong team of experts so you can focus on your business.

Reliability, continuity and service oriented are our key promises towards our customers.

We make your IT obvious.

Hi, I’m V-man!

I hate boring introductions. So let’s be brief.

I am the mascot of Ob-v-us. Born in 2015 I was raised with love and knowledge of IT.

My childhood was exciting between IT departments of large companies. Day in day out, we were solving IT challenges even in the cloud.

My philosophy:
Life isn’t Obvious, IT should be.

Today I’m fully grown up and act as an online ambassador for Ob-v-us. It’s not that hard spreading the word online about this great team and my OB-V-US family. Besides from being awesome all the time I’m explaining online how we solve our customers problems day in day out with our services and highly skilled OB-V-US team.

It was great talking to you! Hope to hear from you soon.




Our Company History.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. It’s our challenge to continually adept towards change and develop new offerings.


A brief overview of our company highlights:

about values

Ob-v-us is a value driven company. Below are the main values we share among our colleagues and clients.

Result driven

A happy customer is worth the extra mile. We make IT work.


We guide our customers during every step of the way with straight to the point advise.


You don’t need long report or promises. We just fix IT. Yes we understand.


Speed is a crucial factor in your IT. We aim at agile approach in every project we run.


Yes IT can be fun. 😉 You just need the right people fo fix problems. Obviously isn’t IT?

Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.