SCU 2016: Prepare to have your mind blown!


I got the news that I have the privilege (that’s how I definitely see it) to speak once again at SystemCenterUniverse in Dallas on the 19th of January 2016.


I consider this a huge privilege as I have a special relationship with this particular event. This is in fact where my wild journey through the System Center Universe as a speaker started. 2 years ago SCU held a fierce battle to determine who would be the new SCU_Jedi winning a session at this event… I was lucky enough to pull it off and suddenly I was presenting among the (what I consider) big shots in the System Center world…

Most of them are still presenting today if you look at the list of speakers it is quite impressive:

The first but not complete list:

As you can see al the usual suspects are there!

For the full agenda please check here:

this year again there’s a 2 track approach so you have the ability to cross over and see a session out of your comfort zone to learn really new cool stuff!

My session will be about the vast power of OMS and how it can create new possible insights in your environment. A truly not to miss session if you ask meSCUheader

Can’t fly in?

Too bad… You are missing out…

Not really! Because SCU is (I think) the only event who offers free streaming of the event over the web. There are even a lot of viewing parties organized near your location where you can easily follow the event from your location!

OK but why should I fly in then?

Well that’s very simple as well! IF you have the ability to fly in you get a chance to mingle with peers and talk to the speakers. There are no designated areas for speakers or whatsoever so everyone is really accessible to have chat or answer your questions…

So this is probably expensive right?

A full day of training on different subjects for only 150$ that’s a bargain if you ask me!

Last but not least

This is one of the events who are really embracing the social media (twitter, facebook,…) to reach out to attendees onsite but also across the world to engage during and after the event.

Make sure you follow: @scu2016 and #scu2016 on twitter for the latest updates and feeds!


Hopefully see you all there!

SCU_Jedi Finalist


System Center Universe is back in full force on the 30th of January to bring you for the 3th year in a row top notch System Center content. This event is held in Houston Texas but spread through the entire galaxy via a high quality live stream reaching out to all the System Center astronauts throughout the world.

To give a chance to someone to share his System Center force the SCU_Jedi contest was held. This epic journey to find the true SCU_Jedi is now in it’s final stage…

After the first stage the SCU_Jedi council elected a top 3 of the applications to enter the final round.

I was selected with my “Combine the force of the cloud and SCOM” session. As the only not American contestant I’m up against 2 other great candidates. In this final round it is however no longer in our hands but I call upon you

He who has the most votes by 15/12 on his YouTube video posted in the SystemCenterUniverse channel  wins the right to participate in person on this awesome event…

Therefore I would be so grateful if you could like my video on YouTube to get me there one like at a time:

Please give me the opportunity to share my knowledge by giving this session . Every like counts so spread the word and get more SCOM content on this great event which is growing every year!

It would be a privilege to participate…

and remember…

Keep monitoring the force!


Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.