SCDPM 2012 Beta: How to install

Well the beta is live now. So let’s start installing it. In this particular case I’m installing it on a Hyper-V machine in my test environment. The SQL is on the same machine as this is just a lab environment.

Always make sure to run the Setup.exe as administrator. When opened we get the familiar install screen of all the System Center products.


Click the “Data Protection Manager”.

Accept the license terms and conditions and click OK.


After this the DPM installer will install all the necessary prerequisites to get the install going. These are not yet the prerequisites for the DPM itself.


When these are finished the familiar DPM install screen appears. Nothing changed here so far. Click next to continue with the Prerequisites check.


As said before I’m running this purely as test in my lab so I’m using a Dedicated Instance of SQL Server and install it on my DPM server. Click “Check and install” dpm2012_beta0005

DPM will install the basic components.


Unfortunately there’s a reboot required after installing the SISFilter. If you want to avoid this you could install the filter in advance by downloading it here: dpm2012_beta0007

After reboot run through the process again and choose Next when all the prerequisites are installed.


Fill in unser name and Company and click next.


I’ve left the defaults here but you can easily change them if you please.dpm2012_beta0010

Put in a strong password to run the SQL Server service and Server Agent Service.dpm2012_beta0011

Use Microsoft Update choice. It’s up to you to use the Microsoft update or not. I prefer to put this on Microsoft Update to receive the updates when they appear.


CEIP data. Again a personal choice to participate or not.


A nice summary before the magic happens.dpm2012_beta0015

Clicking install still launches a Security warning to open the SQL 2008 setup file. Click Run to continue.dpm2012_beta0016

The SQL Server install will take some time. In my case 14 minutes. Note that this can vary in your environment but don’t worry it’ll get there eventually. If you have a remote instance this step is not necessary.dpm2012_beta0017

Everything went fine.


So let’s open the console for the first time to check it out!


Time to start playing and see the new features in action.

I’ll be installing the SCOM extensions as well shortly to check out the new remote manage capabilities.

Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.