Nest Thermostat monitoring pack: Part 4 seeing it in action

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So after all this hard work. To get the data into my MySQL dbase and into SCOM. What can I actually do with it?

This is just the beginning of a far greater monitoring project I’m building to basically monitor my house but now I have control over the temperature and heating in my house.

I’ve created the views in the nest folder for humidity, Heating status and a separate view for target and current temperature.

Humidity view:


Nothing much we can do with this view as this is actually giving me a good reading. Everything between 30 and 60 is healthy condition so no complaints here.

Next in line is the Heating status:


This is basically a Boolean (on or off). The standard graph in Nest is also telling me this but I have to click through some views to get there. Now I can get this in a simple graph in my console wherever I want it.

Saving the best for last the temperature graph


The first 2 graphs are nice to have but this one is actually pretty cool. This is giving me the relationship between the target temp asked by my household at a given time and the actual temperature in my house. Here I can clearly see that it takes approx. 2 hours to get my home heated up (radiant floor) but the heat stays constant for a long time. This is due to the nature or radiant floor and because my house is well isolated. If I overlay the 2 graphs I can clearly see that the temp is rising as soon as my heating is working…

So now I have the data in there. Next step in the process is to create a API control console task to actually change the target temp. This is possible via the API I’ve mentioned so it will be added to the mp in a short while.

Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.