SCOM 2016: Import management packs install button grayed out


During one of my installations of SCOM 2016 I came across “a first” for me which I would love to share.

Apparently the default behavior has changed when importing Management packs in SCOM 2016 which are already in the management group. In SCOM 2012R2 it was possible to just import the management pack over the existing management pack which makes sense as these are sealed management packs. As long as the version is equal or higher there’s not an issue.

In SCOM 2016 however this behavior somewhat changed causing the install button when you import MP’s from disk staying grey not able to continue.

In my case I was importing the SQL management packs. Apart from the error that the catalog was not up to date I came across the situation below:


After trying to delete the already installed mp’s the other mp’s were actually complaining that they are missing their dependent mp’s as shown below:


The solution I found to continue was in fact removing ONLY the “Microsoft SQL Server Visualization Library”. After that the install button magically became active and I could continue the install.


So in general if you can’t continue with the install make sure you try to remove the mp’s already in place. Start with the general ones and work your way down.

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