SCOM: #Exchange 2010 SP1 MP is here

Today the updated management pack for Exchange 2010 with support for SP1 is published. It can be downloaded from the MS Download site: The new version is: 14.02.0071.0 Be sure to download also the explanatory doc which holds all the changes to this management pack. Some great info in there! Download the correct file from the site: Exchange2010ManagementPackForOpsMgr2007-EN-i386.msi Exchange2010ManagementPackForOpsMgr2007-EN-x64.msi This is not a standard straight forward management pack but requires to install a Exchange Correlation Engine. This Correlation engine is basically a windows service which uses the Operations Manager SDK to first retrieve the health model and then process the stat change events. The correlation engine is capable of checking the health status before raising an alert. This significantly reduces the alerts generated as the engine is logically looking at the relationship between the alerts and closing them when they are caused by other alerts which were caused by the underlying issue. The correlation engine is by default enabled. Be cautious when you are using helpdesk...
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