SCOM 2007: Authoring console can’t find referenced mp

Just the other day I was working on an MP after updating the environment to CU4 and all of a sudden I got the error that a reference management pack wasn’t found. Ok no big issue. Locate the management pack and reference it… no go… Still the same error… So why? My version should be correct no? Wrong… Apparently the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library management pack is included in the CU4 but is installed while running the SQL update script (that’s why it’s so important to run them!). It bypasses the verification code. CAUTION: Just download the management pack but do not import it into your environment. It’s already in there and functioning correctly. In rare cases reimporting the management pack again in your environment can cause a corrupt dbase. In fact Microsoft has released a KB2590414 to address this issue: In the middle of the...
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