Modern workplace

Modern workplace

Simplify your workplace management through a Modern Managed deployment with Microsoft Endpoint Management.

Delivering a modern workplace is a journey and so much more than just delivering a device with a modern operating system like Windows 10. This requires a holistic approach to tackle various challenges.

Customer concerns today are:

  • Spending a significant amount of their budgets and resources to maintain legacy IT systems through maintenance and low-value upgrades.
  • Finding cost savings, increase productivity, employee retention/attraction and increase security and compliance.

With our OB-V-US solution you will get at the end of the 4-week assessment and implementation:

  • We will develop a technology roadmap and detailed action plan to extract maximum value from your investment in Microsoft 365 for a secure and modern workplace.
  • You onboard new and refresh PCs, mobile devices such as iPhone & Android to be enterprise-ready via a simple self-service experience with Windows AutoPilot, Apple DEP or Android Enterprise.
  • Your deployments in the future are simplified by Windows and Office compatibility and readiness analytics, resulting in reductions in testing and integration risks through Endpoint Analytics. The principle of “Be current, stay current principle”.
  • You will reduce costs by simplifying management and leveraging on Intune and their current ConfigMgr investment by using Co-management.
  • Security of the endpoint will be taking into account by using the build in security policies.
  • Reporting is key to your environment. We will deliver dashboards to help you understand how you are doing in terms of roll-out, security and productivity.
  • We will demo an Azure Windows Virtual Desktop environment, so you can decide how you want to move forward with your legacy applications in a modern world.

At the end of the 4-week implementation, you will have a modern managed workplace that will allow you to provision and roll-out a device for your employees that just works in a simple and efficient way.

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