SCU_Jedi Finalist


System Center Universe is back in full force on the 30th of January to bring you for the 3th year in a row top notch System Center content. This event is held in Houston Texas but spread through the entire galaxy via a high quality live stream reaching out to all the System Center astronauts throughout the world.

To give a chance to someone to share his System Center force the SCU_Jedi contest was held. This epic journey to find the true SCU_Jedi is now in it’s final stage…

After the first stage the SCU_Jedi council elected a top 3 of the applications to enter the final round.

I was selected with my “Combine the force of the cloud and SCOM” session. As the only not American contestant I’m up against 2 other great candidates. In this final round it is however no longer in our hands but I call upon you

He who has the most votes by 15/12 on his YouTube video posted in the SystemCenterUniverse channel  wins the right to participate in person on this awesome event…

Therefore I would be so grateful if you could like my video on YouTube to get me there one like at a time:

Please give me the opportunity to share my knowledge by giving this session . Every like counts so spread the word and get more SCOM content on this great event which is growing every year!

It would be a privilege to participate…

and remember…

Keep monitoring the force!


Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.