SCOM 2007: Convert MOM2005 management pack guide

Recently I was working on a migration from MOM2005 towards SCOM2007R2. Unfortunately the MOM2005toSCOM2007 migration tool which was included in the SCOM2007 install media was not working anymore so I had to convert the management packs manually.

This post is for my reference whenever I need it again but in my search on the web I did not find many good write-ups so I wrote one of my own.


I needed a Microsoft Biztalk 2004 management pack in SCOM 2007. Unfortunately Microsoft never released a SCOM 2007 management pack but only a MOM2005 one.

So I had to convert it and load it into SCOM.

I’ve downloaded the management pack here:

It’s an exe file which you need to unzip to a folder of your choice. I this example I’m going to put it on c:\managementpacks .

The file you need for the initial conversion is “c:\managementpacks\microsoft biztalk server 2004 management pack\Microsoft Biztalk Server 2004.AKM”

Convert to XML

Next we need to convert the management pack to a valid XML file format which is used by Scom 2007.

You need MP2XML.exe to perform this conversion. It’s part of the MOM2005Resourcekit.

The syntax: C:\program files\microsoft operations manager resource kit\tools\convert management packs to xml\mp2xml.exe “inputfile”.akm “outputfile”.xml

so in this case C:\program files\microsoft operations manager resource kit\tools\convert management packs to xml\mp2xml.exe “c:\managementpacks\microsoft biztalk server 2004.akm” “c:\managementpacks\microsoft_biztalk_server_2004.xml”


Note the underscores in the naming. It’s not allowed to have spaces in the name of the XML file.

Convert XML to SCOM2007 format

Next thing we need to do is convert the actual XML file to SCOM2007 format.

This is achieved with the mpconvert.exe which resides on the RMS in c:\program files\System center Operations manager2007\mpconvert.exe

The syntax in our example is: c:\program files\system center operations manager 2007\mpconvert.exe “c:\managementpacks\microsoft_biztalk_server_2004.xml” “c:\managementpacks\microsoft_biztalk_server_2004_converted.xml”


Now you can load the xml in SCOM like you load any other management pack.

Import MP in SCOM2007R2

There was an error with this particular management pack resulting in a failure of the import. Turned out there was an issue with the XML.

If you want to import the management pack you get the following error:


XSD Verification failed for management pack. The ‘Name’ element is invalid. This is an issue in the XML itself. A parameter which needs to be present in the XML is either corrupt or missing.

I’ve installed XML notepad 2007 on my machine to check the xml file.

You can download this nice tool here:

Now if you look in the XML you browse down to the manifest > name field you immediately notice that the field is empty:


You can just fill in a name at the right like I did below:


Save the file and try to import the management pack again.


This time it’s working and it let’s you continue with the import.

In this example a standard mp without any customization was used from Microsoft. However during my migration I had a lot of mp’s which were full of custom rules.

I ‘ll create a Powershell script to automate this process and post it as a follow up on this blog.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a mail.

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