SCOM: Update ACS: The curious case of the Invalid column name ‘DescHash’

Recently I came across an issue where there was not much info on the web so I thought I would write it on my only sketch book (yep this blog) for my reference and if you have found this post you’ll probably have the same issue so here comes my solution!


After upgrading SCOM2007R2 CU5 to CU6 level I noticed that my ACS reports were not working anymore.

I’ve checked the server and found out my Audit Collector service wasn’t running anymore on my Collector.

After carefully investigating the event log on my ACS Collector Server I found the following message popping up in the Operations Manager Log:

Event 4618: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name ‘DescHash’.


Followed by the message that the service was unable to start due to this error and was shutting down.


Hmmm apparently something went seriously wrong during the upgrade in the field of SQL.


Here’s how I fixed it eventually:

First we need to make sure that we detect the active partition in the ACS Database by running the query below:

Select PartitionId from dbo.dtPartition where status=0


Now running the following statement towards the active partition to add the DescHash to the partition.


Restart the Audit Collection Service on your Audit Collection server and recheck for errors. Normally the Service should keep running and you should see some data coming in if you have already ACS forwarders set up.

Special thanks to Daniele Grandini for pointing this out to me.

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