SCOM: The great error messages of scom2012: Common.UnknownServiceException.

Yesterday I launched my SCOM2012 environment in my lab to test some scripts to find the error message below when I started the management console:


No reason or indication is given for the error message. A quick search online showed that it had to do with the fact that my environment was still in eval instead of retail. Which is possible because I installed this version with the RTM bits and updated it to the retail version afterwards.

Consult KB 2699998 for this:

So let’s get started.

If your eval is already expired your not able to connect to your management server anymore thus not able to set the new license key you’ll receive the message below when starting the PowerShell session:


The trick is to reset your servers date to a date within your eval period:



Hint: If you are running this machine in a Hyper-v environment make sure to temporarily disable the Time Synchronization integration service to prevent the server from reverting to the time of the Hyper-V host.


So now execute the instructions in the KB again to fill in your System Center 2012 product key (note that since System Center 2012 there are no separate product keys for the different products anymore but there’s 1 general key.

For copy purposes are these the commands to run:

import-module operationsmanager


Set-SCOMLicense “your licensekey”

To check the status: Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration -a



The eval is still in there.

Now reboot your SCOM2012 management server and rerun the last command to double check your timeofexpiration:


Succes Smile

Last but not least: Don’t forget to reset your server clock to the correct time by either resetting it manually or enabling the Time synchronization service of Hyper-V again.

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