SCOM: PowerShell tip: Set Resource Pool Automatic members


Today I ran into a situation where I had to test an advanced notification setup to send alerts to another helpdesk system.

The notification channel activated a PowerShell script with parameters out of the alert to send data to the other system. After creating the notification channel there was no way to check whether the server I already configured was functioning correctly. My 2 management servers were automatically part of the Notifications resource pool thus making it not possible to force my testing through my configured management server.

These are the steps to troubleshoot the notifications on 1 management server and rectifying the situation again after testing and configuring both management servers:

These are my resource pool:


Notice the difference in Icon for an automatic and manually populated resource pool.

Right click the notifications Resource Pool and select manual membership.


An automatic properties dialog will pop up to give you the possibility to change the membership of this resource pool. Even if you press cancel at this point the resource pool will be converted to manual membership:


The active members are shown here. I’ve removed my SCOMMS2 server to continue my test on SCOMMS1 for the PowerShell notification channel.




So after my tests were successful and I configured the SCOMMS2 I wanted to reset the resource pool back to automatic. The catch however is the fact that this is not possible via the GUI.

The following PowerShell oneliner will do the trick however:

get-scomresourcepool –displayname “notifications resource pool” | set-scomresourcepool –enableautomaticmembership $true


After hitting F5 the notifications Resource Pool is back to automatic and the 2 management servers are back in the Resource pool




  • If you are executing a PowerShell script on the management server make sure to have the same version of the script on both management servers in the same location
  • Always make sure that the notifications resource pool is set back to automatic to actively divide the load between all the management servers. Otherwise you will loose the great benefit of Resource pools.

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