SCOM: One million dollar question: Should I upgrade?


On the 8th of May I’ll be hosting a LiveMeeting that will hopefully give you some answers to some of the most heard questions buzzing around at MMS2012:

Should I upgrade to SCOM2012?

Join me to give you strong arguments to do so!

The abstract of the livemeeting:

After all the work you’ve put in your Scom2007 environment to get it state of the art is it worth upgrading to scom2012?
Will I risk my Scom2007 environment while upgrading to Scom2012?
Will I really benefit from upgrading in my environment?
If you ask yourself one of the questions above make sure to join this session to get some answers to get you going!

Register here check out the LiveMeeting to find out some answers to all these questions!

Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.