SCOM: Install both SCOM2007R2 and SCOM2012 console


In this blog post I’m going to show you how you install both consoles on your workstation. I visit a lot of customers lately who have either SCOM2007R2 or SCOM2012 installed. So I recently also installed the SCOM2012 management console on my laptop to have them both on my machine.

By default it’s not possible to install the SCOM2012 console on a workstation which have already SCOM2007R2 installed.

It will propose to upgrade the existing console but unfortunately there’s no option to install side by side.


So first upgrade the SCOM2007R2 console to SCOM2012.

Afterwards you need to reinstall the SCOM2007R2 console:


Select only the “User interfaces” option which is in fact the SCOM console:


So after you’ve installed open up the 2 consoles.

CAUTION: Because you have performed an upgrade the old connection to the SCOM2007R2 management group were still saved. So connect towards your new SCOM2012 management group and you’re all set:


So fill in your new server and hit connect:




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