SCOM: How to change port of SCOM reporting


Recently I came across a customer who wanted to change the port of the Reporting server hosting the SCOM reporting services  because they had no choice but to run the web console on port 80.

To do this you need to make the necessary changes to:

  • Reporting services
  • Firewall
  • Scom

1. Change Reporting services.

If you are not sure which server is running your reporting services at the time go to Administration => Settings => reporting. In my case this shows up:


So in this case my server is VSERVER03 and it’s currently using port 8080 which I want to change to 808 in this case.

So connect to the reporting server and open the “Reporting Services Configuration Manager”


Connect to your reporting services install


NOTE: Never try to change the port in IIS itself but ALWAYS use the Reporting services config tool!

Open the web service url on the left and change the port to the desired port. In this case it’s 808


Click the advanced button


Change the port here as well by selecting the correct line and clicking edit


Change the port:


As soon as you click ok the url will be reserved on the new port and the old port reservation will be removed.


For safety also check the Report manager site identification url. Most of the time this is also at the default port 80 as shown below.


Click advanced and change the port to a desired port. In this case I use a different port: 809


Again when you click ok the reservation is made and the old reservation is being removed.



Make sure to make the necessary changes to the firewall if there’s a firewall present between you Management servers and your reporting server. You need to open the port in both directions.

Configuring SCOM

If all went well your reporting instance is already moved to the new port but you need to let scom know that it’s on a different port. Open the Global management group settings – reporting tab by going to Administration => Settings => reporting.

Fill in the new port like shown below:


Now click ok and restart your scom console.

Try to open the reporting tab.

Note: Don’t be alarmed when it’s stuck at “loading” for a while. It will take some time to load the reports the first time.

If all went well you’ll see your shiny list of reports like shown below.



Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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