SCOM: Cannot locate resource ‘momr2db.xaml’


This afternoon my colleague Alex Smits asked for pointers on a strange problem he faced when he wanted to install a SCOM 2012 reporting server on a previous SCOM 2007 reporting server for a side by side migration.

As soon as he clicked the install button on the Scom 2012 install screen the following error message appeared and the install was aborted:


There was no log written to the machine because in fact the install just did not kick off yet . There were also no indications in the event viewer so we were completely troubleshooting blind on this one.

After some time Alex managed to get the reporting server installed on the machine after taking a backup of the old reporting dbase and then completely removing the SCOM 2007 reporting server dbase components of this server.

After this the install passed the error message and installed perfectly.

I hope we save you some valuable troubleshooting time by finding this out…

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