SCOM 2012: Upgrade failed with error 0x80070005

During the prep of my lab I came across an error which was in fact not this very common so I’ve decided to share my solution with you to save you some trouble when performing this in your environment.

After running through the entire installation wizard my upgrade process started fine… But after 10 minutes…printscreen0036

After restarting the process I was left with a broken SCOM2007R2 and SCOM2012 not installed. SQL Reporting services were broken so I had to revert my machine back to a snapshot I took earlier on and started all over again…

Now the solution so you shouldn’t have to go through the whole process of troubleshooting.

After checking the log file I found the following cause of my initial failing of the upgrade:


“System.UnauthorizedAccessException, Exception Error Code: 0x80070005, Exception.Message: Access to the path ‘MOMAspNet.msi’ is denied.”

This in fact is your msi which is used when you install the agents. I’ve checked the rights and they were all good.

Delete folder: “C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\AgentManagement”

The installation went through after this.

After your upgrade this folder will be replaced anyway by the new SCOM2012 agent install packages so it’s safe to delete this before upgrade.

Another little step towards our brand new shining SCOM2012 environment Smile

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