SCOM 2007: Renaming Default Management Pack display name

One of the most common frustration I face (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is the fact that from time to time there are things saved in the default management pack.

imagesCALXWMLCIt’s so easy to forget to change the destination management pack while creating rules / monitors and just click next. We all know once you’ve created the rule it’s not possible to change the management pack anymore…

It’s best practice not to write anything to your default management pack but it’s always selected as default…

Yet you have 2 options:

  • Delete the rule and start all over again
  • live with the rule residing in your default management pack which is not a good idea in case you face issues with dependencies…

To avoid this common mistake / lack of attention I make a habit of renaming my default management pack display name to something eye catching so I see it before clicking next while creating a rule / monitor.

Open the SCOM console and navigate to Administration > Management packs and right click your Default Management Pack


Choose Properties in the menu:


Change the Name of your Default Management Pack. In my case I always put in capital “DO NOT WRITE TO” before the name.


And click apply.

This changes in fact the display name of your management pack but not the management pack ID. It’s not possible to change the ID (it’s greyed out) so your management pack will still hold all the dependencies…

At this point the default management pack is still the default when creating a rule but there’s a nice message in capital just above the next button.

This small modification saved me already a lot of (additional) headache to remind me to change to a different management pack when creating a rule / monitor…

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