SCOM 2007: How to backup your environment

The funny thing is most of the admins think of backups just after they had a major crash and there were no backups available.

Most of the admin’s think backups are a hassle and they take some but loose interest in the long term. When disaster strikes they miss a vital piece to restore their environment, have an outdated backup or even worse… no backup at all.

In this series of blogs I’ll go over the different aspects of backing up your SCOM2007 environment to make sure that when Murphy is choosing you, you’re prepared…

One of my favorite cartoons to illustrate backups…


So let’s get started and get you prepared when disaster strikes.

Which components do you need for a successful restore of your environment:

This blog post is part of a series how to backup your SCOM environment.

  1. How to backup your SCOM environment
  2. How to backup your SCOM dbases
  3. How to backup your SCOM encryption key
  4. How to backup your SCOM IIS settings
  5. How to backup your unsealed management packs
  6. How to Document your SCOM installation
  7. How to Backup your Reporting

This series of blogs will be divided in the categories shown above and will be linked back to this post.

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