Monitor your home with SCOM…

So I completely refurbished my house recently…. After getting all the painting done and such it’s now time to focus on the toys which we all love in our home. More and more devices are becoming internet connected these days giving you control and surveillance over your house.  A lot of apps on my phone keep track of different things such as surveillance, heating, power consumption, water consumption, smoke detectors…

But they are all different apps…


I have a SCOM lab running at home (ok not everybody has a full blown scom lab at home but maybe you can reuse some of my features in your setup). So during one of my scares holidays it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool to have all this data in SCOM. There’s a little added value because all the programs that came with the products are written specifically to deliver the data of that device to your phone but hey I like a challenge.

This blog post will be a placeholder to link all the different aspects of my home which I covered in SCOM. It’s a nice showcase to show the versatility of SCOM and the different ways to get nonstandard data in.

First up…


Nest Thermostat monitoring pack

Second in line: Flukso energy meter


Flukso Energy Meter monitoring pack


Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.