MMS 2012: Travel Guide Part 4: Join the Twitter army

This blog post is part of a series. The other parts can be found here: How to survive MMS 2012.

So you are at MMS and feel the buzz but how do you meet with your peers and get the latest updates and scoops about sessions.

Well by tapping into the never sleeping social media communication channel.

MyITForum is putting together again the MMS twitter army.

This is basically a dedicated twitter fanatics group of attendees who keep track of the event and send out all info to the world. There’s no need to subscribe or register just check the twitter army info session in the Venetian Ballroom 1 on monday at 9:30AM to 10:30AM to join in.

All the different hash tags will be explained as also the prize draw (yep there’s even a prize for twitter folks in there).

Apart from the prizes everyone receives the twitter army badge and becomes a real twitter soldier.

Check out the official MMS2012 twitter guide:

Apart from this nice initiative of MyITForum the organisation itself is also connecting in to the social media connections. Consult the guide above for all the details.

Just make sure to follow the following hash tags:

  • #mms2012: The official hashtag of the event
  • @mmsteam: The official account of the mms organization team
  • To tweet about a session use: #mms + the 4 digit code of the session.

Hint: For people from outside of US the roaming costs can get pretty high (=personal experience). There’s however wireless in the entire convention center which is free to use for attendees. So make sure to switch off roaming on your data connection and use wireless while you’re in the conference center.

For people who want to join me on Twitter: @DieterWijckmans


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