MMS 2012: Travel Guide Part 3: Scheduling your MMS agenda

This blog post is part of a series. The other parts can be found here: How to survive MMS 2012.

In the previous post I’ve highlighted all the different types of sessions and what to expect from them.

Now I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to book your week at MMS.

First of all head over to the official page of mms at and select the login button on the top right of the page and login.

Note: Make sure you have your login and password combination ready when you’re at MMS. More info on this subject later on.

So you’ve successfully logged on and are now on the splash page of the MMS site:

Select the tab Sessions & Labs in the top bar to access the MMS Schedule Builder:printscreen-0068

TIP: My approach is not to check on speaker, topic whatsoever but book by slot. If you select the timeslot you’ll get a nice overview of the different sessions in that timeslot.

In this case I’m preparing myself for timeslot “Wednesday, April 18 10:15 1M – 11:30 AM. Hit the search button.


I mark all the session I’m interested in by selecting the square icon on the front of the session.

TIP: Don’t waste your time here by choosing really one session per slot. Just browse through the sessions and check what you find interesting. Some slots will be double booked some slots will have some less interesting session for you.


The print screen below show all the different sessions I’ve selected for this timeslot.


When you’ve completely build your calendar you can print the list or save it to outlook or any other system which supports ICS format. Last year there was a tool for windows 7 phones which easily transferred your calendar to your handheld device but there’s no official word whether the app will return this year.


TIP: Always keep a printed copy with you. You’ll never know when you run out of juice on your device.

However if you loose your schedule it’s not a complete disaster because in the hallway there are tons of pc’s supplied which are freely accessible for attendees to check the mms 2012 website to quickly check your agenda in between sessions.

TIP: Some sessions are repeated through out the event so if you have conflicting sessions double check whether the session is given at another time.

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