MMS 2012: Travel Guide: Hints


On this post I’ll keep track of all the hints I gave in the different posts. This can be handy to get all the hints in a glance or even print them for your reference:

Post 1: MMS 2012 Travel Guide Part 1: Getting settled in Vegas

  • Check your travel docs. Make sure you have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months after your stay and if your are from outside of states make sure to fill in your ESTA. More info here:
  • Don’t forget your travel adapter power socket. Buy it upfront of your trip. They tend to overcharge for it at airports. Pack also an extension cord with multiple sockets of your home plug. You only have one adapter but want to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, camera overnight to hit the next day of the MMS madness well prepared Smile
  • The Venetian Conference center is hosting the event but the Venetian Hotel and Palazzo Hotel are forming 1 complex so really check where the restaurants are.

Check here to view the map of the 2 hotels:

  • Always check whether you can pay with credit or strictly cash. Just to not get any surprises when the bill is presented. It’s indicate on the side of the cabs whether you can pay with credit card. Always ask for a receipt of the journey while paying and don’t forget the tip!If you are with a group it’s always a good idea to check whether a limo is available because they are in general cheaper for groups but negotiate the price in advance.

Post 2: MMS 2012: Travel Guide Part 2: The session types

  • If by any chance you miss the keynotes (couldn’t get out of bed because of the time difference Winking smile) you can always review them on YouTube and the post conference dvd.
  • All the Instructor Led Labs are available in the Commnet area to do them over again or take them at your own pace.
  • Make sure to get in line at the correct Instructor Led Lab in time otherwise your seat will be assigned to someone in the standby queue. If you did not register for this lab upfront but want to attend just get to the session and wait in the standby queue. There’s always a percentage of no-shows so chances are you will still get in.

Post 3: MMS 2012- Travel Guide Part 3- Scheduling your MMS agenda

  • Do not to check on speaker, topic whatsoever but book by slot. If you select the timeslot you’ll get a nice overview of the different sessions in that timeslot.
  • Always keep a printed copy of your agenda with you. You’ll never know when you run out of juice on your mobile device.
  • Some sessions are repeated through out the event so if you have conflicting sessions double check whether the session is given at another time.

Post 4: MMS 2012- Travel Guide Part 4 – Join the Twitter army

  • For people from outside of US the roaming costs can get pretty high (=personal experience). There’s however wireless in the entire convention center which is free to use for attendees. So make sure to switch off roaming on your data connection and use wireless while you’re in the conference center.

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