Livemeeting: 11th of June: So you’ve installed SCOM… now what.


So you are quietly working in your office on a cloudy morning when all of a sudden the IT manager walks in and drops a bomb:

“Hey we are going to use System Center Operations Manager to monitor our systems from now on so throw away all your little monitoring tools and get at it…”

This actually happend to me once and I would have prayed for a livemeeting like this. The installation is in some cases already a hassle but then you are looking at a pristine console ready to start monitoring the systems and save the day… Now what?

This livemeeting will start right after you have survived the installation procedure and will provide you a roadmap to get up quickly. Expect a demo packed session spiced with a lot of tips and tricks from my personal experience installing SCOM in different environments.

Let’s get you from scom zero to scom hero….


Register here (cape not included Knipogende emoticon ):

Enough talk, let’s build
Something together.