Event 20052 Certificate subjectname does not match local computer name


Well… One of the things which really divides the SCOM admins from the normal SCOM users is in my believe installing a gateway server. A lot of things can go wrong when installing one and even if you have done a couple of installs still it sometimes goes haywire. It’s basically a one shot or start all over again in my opinion. I’ve spoken about the Azure gateway management server install at SystemCenterUniverse 2014 in Houston and got a lot of feedback after my session that indeed this is the case.

During a recent install at a customers site I came across another great event id:

Event 20052

The full description of the alert (for search engine purposes)

“The specified certificate could not be loaded because the Subject name on the certificate does not match the local computer name

Certificate Subject name: servername.domain.local

Computer name: servername”


So the certificate was created for the full fqdn name but in fact our gateway server is not part of the domain.


By adding the DNS suffix to the computer name the certificate can be configured.

Open the computer properties of the server by right clicking ‘this pc’ and opening properties:

Selecct Change settings:


Click Change on the computer name tab:


Click the button More…


Fill in the domain FQDN which was documented in the event in the primary DNS suffix and reboot the machine.


This solved my issue and the alert did not return.

Any other suggestions are welcome of course…

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