Community management pack: SCOM check update mp’s

Every once in a while a great management pack hits the community that could really make the SCOM admins out there their lives a little bit easier.


Some are very complex and solve very complex problems others are very simple and add just another functionality to SCOM. Sometimes a community management pack fills a gap that has been left in the product.

This is a nice example of the last category: Let SCOM check for updated management packs.

OK it’s possible to do this periodically by opening up the Management pack catalog in scom and do a search on updated management packs but this management pack gives you proactively an alert when there’s a new management pack available!

How convenient!

So head over to Michaels blog and grab the management pack to free up the time you spend with management pack update checking and let scom do it for you:

This management pack is also added to my new list of cool community management packs which can be found here:

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