Attending MVP summit 2019

For those who don’t know the MVP summit. This is the annual gathering of all MVP’s at the Microsoft campus in Redmond.

For those who KNOW the MVP summit they know that you are under strict NDA not to tell anyone outside of the MVP program where we are heading with different aspects of Microsoft products.

What I can show though how awesome it is to connect with so many people around the globe and meet them here at Microsoft to discuss different topics regarding the technologies we work with every day.


Speaking at MMS 2018

Speaking at MMS


I’m pleased to announce that again I’m able to speak at one of my favorite events => MMSMOA.

MMS really is giving you the possibility to connect with the speakers by making the speakers accessible to the audience.

This gives the audience the opportunity to really ask that one burning question which is bugging them for a while and gives the speakers the opportunity to connect even outside the session with attendees to see what really is important in the session and give feedback.

This event I again may speak with many of my close friends:


Together with Robert Hedblom I’m speaking about whether you need to use SCOM and or log analytics and we’ll discuss how to choose the perfect fit for your scenario


Together with Florent Appointaire I’ll speak about one of the most mysterious 4 letter acronyms out there at the moment: GDPR. How to become GDPR compliant and avoid the massive fines that are enforced


Another awesome session with Bob Cornelissen. This session will be all about how you can use the new tools that Microsoft is developing to augment your security insights and how you can monitor and report on the common security issues.


Together with Cameron Fuller, we’ll showcase what you can do with log analytics and data from all your connected devices. An out of the box session how you can get data in and even get more insights in your world with log analytics.


Another cool session with Robert Hedblom discussing how you tackle one of the most underestimated but very important aspects to stay safe and keep you safe: backup and restore. Make sure to attend this session to actually see how to start and test your DR and backup policies.

Looking forward to the event and hopefully see you there!

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