Yesterday I had an issue at one of my clients with a server which was unable to check the task scheduler eventlog.

The operations log was packed with different alerts but mostly with the infamous id 21406 which in fact can mean a lot of things.

The exact message: VBScript runtime error: File name or class name not found during Automation operation: "oAPI.CreateTypePropertyBag”

My standard course of action did not solve the issue:

  • Clear the cache and restart the agent
  • Check the management pack and see whether it gets delivered to the agent
  • Remove the agent software and reinstall.

Again these steps did not solve the issue the Events kept coming in.


Eventually I started to dig deeper and started to register the differtent dll’s again on the machine and apparently registering the MOMScriptAPI.dll solved the issue.

Probably a bad registration / link during install or upgrade caused the issue.


Hope this helps someone out there in saving his valuable troubleshooting time 🙂

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  • Filip

    Hi Dieter,

    I’m just curious, which other DLL’s did you try to re-register then besides this MOMscriptAPI.dll?

    Kind regards,


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